Thursday, 21 February 2013

The PIG Day!

I am happy to say that we got our pigs today! But like usual in farm life, not everything went as expected. Everything started out wonderful, they backed the trailer up to the barn door and I was concerned about them having to go through that shop and hay room to get into the stall as there is a mess of trouble they could get into on the way. To my surprise that went amazing, they walked right through and into the stall like it was all rehearsed.

So the one with the white face is the Berkshire and she is around a year and a half , the rest are Large Blacks and they are about 6 months old. When I got everybody into the stall I got their food ready and placed all the feed bins around a chair. I sat in the chair while they ate to get them use to me, in doing so I noticed one of the younger large black boys seemed a bit off and when he got close to me I could see he had cuts on him. So I called the man that I got the pigs from and he explained to me that the Berkshire and large black girl had been in a pen together and as soon as they added the 3 large black boys today the berkshire female was being very aggressive towards one of the boys. They tried to calm her down but when they got into the trailer she was really beating up on him. Anyways I said ok and started checking him over, most of the wounds seem very superficial but they I found a huge gash on his stomach, I ran into town to get tape and bandages and some sterilize spray. A friend came over and we held the large black down and cleaned the wound out as best we could, none of the tape would stick. I send a vet the pictures and she thinks he will be okay without any stitches, I will post pictures at the end of this post (quite gross so don`t look if you don`t like that!).

All in all I am so excited to have pigs, they are already letting me go up and pet them. In no time I think they will be very tame. Hopefully I can eventually have them all in one pen! As for right now, I have seperated the injured male and another male that seemed to be sticking quite close to him into another stall and the berkshire girl, large black girl and the other large black male are in a stall together.