Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Predator Warning!

In the middle of the night for the passed hmm...3 nights, I have been woken up by the screammmming and hollering of a pack of coyotes. At one point I went out on my balcony and could actually see them out in one of my fields. Although I cherish every living animal this is getting verrrry close for comfort.

And then yesterday morning. This is what we see at like 10am.
Ok, I know the picture sucks but this coyote is SO skinny, its tail looks more like the tail of a rat. I feel terrible for it and I had felt safe thay my chickens are in my nightfall everyday but that won't matter much if we are coyotes all hours of the day.

Also when I was driving home yesterday this guy was standing right in front of my driveway. At least he looks healthy.

Let us just hope we don't have too many problems with these guys. I don't believe in shooting them as they are just looking for their next meal and don't know how much work has gone into the livestock at farms but it would still be a terrible loss.