Friday, 22 February 2013

Snatched Up

Sigh...Can`t seem to catch a break around here lately.

Came home to one of our chickens missing. After some searching around all I can find is some scattered feathers. Also there was a certain chicken that when I would go up to the flock she was sit down instead of running away, pretending she was hiding I guess. Anyways, it`s her that is gone so I think the neighbourhood fox came into the barn and instead of running away she tried to hide. Everybody seems in quite the frantic mood and I really don`t blame them, watching one of your buddies meet her death wouldn`t be nice.

Also the chickens will not lay in the stall that they are assigned to (guess they didn`t get the memo). They are insisting on laying their eggs in with the pigs, which is fine since the pigs leave them be but then they eat the eggs! So unless I am right there or confine the chickens the pigs are going to be well fed but our breakfast situation won`t be getting any better.

Here is one of the girls laying her egg, weirdly enough I actually caught her in the act and watched her lay it! Look about 10 minutes - a 10 minute labour - that would be nice!

The pigs seem to be doing fine, although, embarrassingly enough I can`t figure out which one is the girl out of the 4 large blacks. Now I know this seems ridiculous but it`s really not all that obvious since all the males are castrated. My only hint seems to be that the female Berkshire is nicer to one of them. Maybe it will get more obvious later haha.

Tomorrow I want to try and get the electric fence up for the pigs. I can`t wait until this snow melts, I`m so sick of trying to get things done in the snow and cold. Plus I think the pigs are going to start to get bored in the stalls. Although I did go to h & h goode feed store and pick up a 50lb bag of carrots for 7$ (awesome!) and I`ve been breaking them up into pieces and hiding it amongst the straw so when they are rooting around they can find some treats to amuse themselves.