Thursday, 11 April 2013

We are now introduced to Fisher Cats

Steve and I were up all last night listening to this blood curdling scream over and over. It started about 1am and then died off and then at 4:30am it was so insanely loud we both went out to the porch to listen. It just kept screaming and screaming so then we started to get worried that something was in our barn and the screaming was coming from the pigs. It was like nothing I had ever heard before.
Every time something like this happens at night in the morning I am kicking myself for not recording it. If it comes back I will definitely record it. But here is something slightly similar - but not even close to as loud or as frequent. At our place it was just scream after scream, no pauses in between. - this is just the sound - this is an attack on a fox by a fisher which sounds a lot more like what happened last night so maybe it was attacking something?

This guy may look cute but he is about the size of a small fox or cat and so so much more dangerous to have hanging around your farm. I'm already debating blaming the coyote for our chicken being taken the other day. This guy is a much more likely candidate. Generally fishers diet is rabbits or porcupines but they will happily take down an entire chicken coop. They are extremely vicious and will attack without a doubt if cornered. Usually fisher cats scream if they are trying to attract a mate, during or before a kill which is definitely what I think I heard last night as there were some underlying grunting sounds that could have been its meal.

Steve and I did end up going out to the barn as we were convinced at one point that the screaming was a piglet being killed and the low grunting was the mumma pig trying to protect. We went out and everybody was snug and sound looking at us like "ummm excuse me we were sleeping".

Moral of the story - Steve is looking into a gun course in Uxbridge end of April.......