Sunday, 14 April 2013


Awhile ago I posted that we had ordered some chicks from Mcmurray Hatchery.

The list we ended up with is

2 Golden Polish
2 White Crested Black Polish
2 Blue Silkie
2 Blue Cochin
2 Barred Rocks
2 Light Brahma
2 Red Caps
1 Golden Laced Wyandotte
6 Meat Chicks

Now let me tell you, it is NOT easy to tell some of the chicks apart when you are sorting out of a bin of 150 chicks. I guess some people that order from McMurray weren`t as lucky as us - they showed up to find half of their order had passed away on the trip into Canada. Our two Red Caps are not doing well, especially one of them. We will keep a close eye on them and go out a bit later to make sure it has a drink and trys to eat some food - but you can only do so much.

White Crested Black Polish
Golden Polish

The whole lot

 We are finally using that chicken coop we bought months ago since these guys won`t be needing a run to go outside until they are fully feathered. Their coop has to stay at a nice and balmy 35c for a few weeks.