Monday, 29 April 2013

What a weekend ! ! !

Well it's Monday night and I still can't believe all the things we got accomplished this weekend.

As you guys know from my previous post, the babies were picked up by their new owners on Saturday. Next piece to that puzzle is to get mumma pig back to the farm we bought her from to get re-bred. Can you believe we may end up with like 10 of these little babies around end of August? Stay tuned! haha.

So along came Sunday and I had to get mumma pig loaded onto the trailer and off to have a romantic couple weeks with Henry the Boar. Well, just so happens my lovely fiance was out golfing so I had to figure out how to get this done solo. I didn't feed anybody so that mumma would be nice and hungry and I may be able to lure her onto the trailer. Well it worked to an extent, I had two sheets of plywood on either side of the trailer to force her up into it. Somehow she figure out she could get through it and pushed it, where it came and hit me and I flew about 5 feet into the wood pile. FUNNN! Now mumma pig is running around our front lawn. Great. Long story short. I ended up getting her in the trailer (although Steve may have gotten a few questionably insane text messages during the process) and we were on our way.

When I made it home Steve was just getting home with his cousin Caitlin who I have really started to look forward to having over every weekend. She's such a great help. So we started working on the garden. I'm going to share a picture of the area before we started and then the one bed that we finished. When I make more progress on the whole garden I'll post a picture from the same angle.

This is our peas garden. We probably used a third of the peas I bought...anybody need peas??
OH RIGHT! Steve pulled vines down from the apple trees!