Thursday, 4 April 2013

My babies are SOLD

I put an add up on kijiji to sell the two baby piglets that we had born unexpectedly earlier in the year.

I didn't really need to sell them yet as they can't leave until May 1st at the earliest but I really wanted to make sure I had time to select where there were going. Although I am not naïve and I know that likely one or both of these girls will eventually go to slaughter my main concern is making sure that they have a great life. I want to make sure all my animals go to people that carry the same practises and values that I do, if not I feel I am not impacting anybodys life outside of our own. The point of the blog and of talking about how we do things is to inspire other people to change their ways, whether it even be something as small as buying their Christmas turkey from a local farmer. Thankfully I found to wonderful ladies that own a farm not far from here that are as sweet to even put their baby sheep in coats when they're first born and it's cold out! We spent lots of time talking on the phone and I am happy to help them start their venture into raising pigs.

So now I have to start researching how to wean baby pigs in the least stressful way possible!