Monday, 22 April 2013

Many Hands Make Light Work

Steve's two cousins wanted to come have a relaxing Sunday on the farm this weekend. We always welcome visitors; for many reasons. It's obviously nice to have company at any time and to hang out with loved ones but another key reason it so show people a different way of living. Getting other people involved in our tasks and getting close and personal with our livestock helps them to start to build a respect for day to day living as well as starting to think about the decisions the make on a day to day basis.

Our task for the weekend was to get a second paddock up for the pigs. When I have been getting home from work each day I let mumma pig and her babies out to roam free and thankfully I have built a good enough relationship with them that they come when they are called and don't wander too far (most of the time!). Although this is a great way for them to get a few hours outside each day, my goal is for all of my animals to have as much freedom as they want (within keeping them safe). So onto the building!

TEAMWORK! :) - Yes the beer is included

 First full day outside! They are exhausted. Today I went into the barn when I got back from work and riding they had already put themselves to bed!