Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Our 2nd (or 6th) Purchase!

Well, this started as an outing to an auction with my Mother (Laurie Simard) and my little cousin (Katie Simard).

And this is what happened:
SO that is my mum standing beside my new purchase. It's not my fault! He was sold to a meat buyer and I just couldn't let it happen, with much encouragment from my little cousin of course.
I should probably give you a bit of back story here. I started heavily into riding dressage when I was about 13 years old, where I compete nationally with my horse until I was 17 where he had a injury he could never come back from. He is thankfully still having an amazing life at my parents and now that I have a farm will likely be making the move eventually.

Here is our first time grooming and getting to know each other, he really does have a cute face.

We started working together right away but I ended up moving him to my old barn in Beaverton where there is an indoor arena to get us both back into riding/shape!