Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Chicken Coop Fight

I have been looking for a chicken coop online ever since we moved in. Our chickens are doing fine in the barn but they really have taken over as there is no way to keep them in the stall unless I was to put a netting all the way around. Also I like that they can get into the rafters because then I know they are safe during the night - especially after our quail incident`.

Over a month ago I emailed this guy that had his coop online, I asked him if he was willing to negotiate and his email back was if you think you`re going to haggle in price you should do it in person` well, needless to say I didn`t email him back. So I saw that he had reposted his add so I emailed him again, and this time he was willing to negotiate. So I called him and we set on a price so Steve and I headed over there on family day Monday to pick it up.

Well well well, it did not go well. We started a full out family feud. The uncle lives in with his brother and his nephew. The nephew was who I had been dealing with and apparently he had put the coop on kijiji without his uncles knowledge. His uncle came out of the house screaming and yelling about how he built the coop and they had no right in selling it. Well, when he found out our bargain of $400 he was even worse (apparently he had put 1000$ into it the nephew had promised to pay back)! I did feel bad for him and the situation BUT I had just driven from Beaverton so I was leaving with that coop. Never once did the nephew who I had been dealing with ever come out of the house, I dealt with his father the whole time.

After about 15 minutes of screaming and yelling we got the coop loaded and got outta there! There was suppose to be a run that went with the coop but I wasn`t about to get pushy. As you can see they even have a little enclosed porch.

All of our friends can get ready to help move this thing! The adrenaline must have been pumping when we were just trying to get that coop out of there, its now in our driveway and I can`t even budge the thing. The uncle that built this did do an amazing job, it even has plugs inside so you can plug in heaters or heat lamps. Chicken coop with electrical work - score! I will have to extend the hen boxes as they are built for pigeons. I`ll have to see how many chickens are comfortable in there - I am hoping around 10.

Stay tune - we get our pigs on Thursday!!!