Sunday, 10 February 2013

A Sunday of death, moral dilemmas, work and an egg.

Today has been a heart wrenching day to say the least.

I woke up to go and feed the chickens and the quail. As you've all seen in a few of my other posts I built the quail a cage which is in my shop area, that I thought was secure from all predators. Sigh....I was wrong - and this is what I walk into.

Four quail - gone, ripped through the chicken wire. Then as Steve (my fiancee) and I are looking around to find out where the animal got in he happens to look above the quail cage anddddd here is the raccoon sleeping in the wall right above the quail cage

Now this is where my moral dilemmas come in. I hate that as a human race our first instinct is to kill anything that causes us trouble. Personally I would have liked to try and trap it and take it away. I called around and everybody has expressed that that wouldn't work and it would just come back and the best thing to do is to exterminate it. I would like some other opinions on this because I don't feel good about the decision that was made today and in the future I'd like to have another alternative.
In the end - we raise these animals and do have the duty to protect them.

On a happier note we did get our first egg out of our Gold Lace Wyandottes that we got from  This may not seem extremely exciting but when you've been going out every day since November it is VERY exciting!

We also chopped some more wood today as we are getting very low, it's amazing how much I took the comforts of living for granted before moving into this place.