Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Our PIG Decision

I went and visited a farm on Warden Ave in the Gormley area and am now the almost owner of FOUR 6 month old large black pigs (3 males and one female) and one bred berkshire sow (bred to the large black boar on site).

I am so so so excited to be starting our venture into taking control of our own lifestyle as well as bringing people to our farm and having them see for themselves the positive lifestyle livestock can live.

Here is a picture that the guy I'm buying from sent me of my berkshire girl being swooned -

I have decided to pick them up second last weekend in February. I will keep the males until the fall where they will then go to slaughter. The Berkshire will have her babies around June and I will sell some and then keep the rest. I have committed to raising all the meat that will be served at my wedding in September of 2014 so I have to start planning now if that is ever going to come to fruition.