Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Quail Cage - first construction project!

My quail are growing like weeds, I have had them inside for the passed 3 weeks under a heat lamp. I keep lifting it a bit each week to get them use to colder temperatures.

A week ago I wanted to move them out into the barn but it was during that crazy cold snap and I just didn't think that was fair. The quail are all flying now and I've had to put netting over their cage so they don't jump out.

I started out scavanging my property for random wood pieces, which there is definitely an abundance of. I found an old barn door 6 feet by 2.5 feet and decided that would be the floor.

My father builds log homes basically by himself and I have no idea how he does it, I could hardly hold half a two by four up straight by myself.

If you were to see underneath it the bottom is hollow which I wanted to leave like that so that I could eventually ad legs to this with netting at the bottom so it could go outside and they would be able to roam around on the ground. I honestly thought when I started that this whole project would take me a few hours. After about 10 hours the first day I called a quits. My biggest discouraging factor being my dad asking me what I was going to do about a door - which I hadn't even thought of yet!