Monday, 25 February 2013

Piglets NOW

Well! I`m not sure if I have mentioned in previous blog posts but our Berkshire sow was coming to us already bred. When I purchase her in Febraury he put her in with the male right lets say Feb 15th. Pigs are pregnant for 3 months 3 weeks and 3 days which would put her somewhere around June. Which is great because it would have given us time to get set up for the arrival.

But as we have discovered, nothing happens as planned in farm life.

I went out around 8 am this morning to get some more pig feed and take Summer for a walk and when I got home I looked in the stall and saw TWO BABY PIGS!!!

I quickly seperated the other large black that was in with her, which I thought was a girl but then I saw it peeing and it`s definitely not. But that`s another story.

So far we only have 2 piglets, both seem healthy and are suckling which is good. I`ve put a heat lamp in just above where the mum has made a nest to keep them warm. Usually sows have between 8 - 10 piglets BUT you shouldn`t breed a sow before she is 1 year old and from the information the guy I bought them from gave me this girl is just a year, meaning she would have been bred at 8 months (this is assuming his records are right, which since she`s having babies now and he didn`t even know she was bred could leave a good argument that he doesn`t). I am just concerned about complications regarding her being so young, but maybe she`s just going to have two since she`s quite small.
I will keep you updated, until then; here are some pictures so far.