Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Horse off track

I had the vet out today to look at my horses eye as it has been weeping the passed few days and looking very sore. Then yesterday it started to appear with this white film which got me very concerned.

The vet put this green dye in his eye which brought out this spot that he identified as an ulcer. So I was prescribed an ointment to put in his eye 4 times a day. No riding until Monday and hopefully it will be better by then, if not we will be having another vet visit to re-evaluate. Lets keep our fingers crossed!

This could be explaining a lot as my horse can't even go 5 minutes while you're riding him without yanking on the reins to try and scratch his chest. For the longest time I thought he wasn't use to polos and was reaching for them but the vet has told me that the ulcer would feel very sore and chronically itchy which would cause him to try and scratch anywhere on his face to alleviate the itch.

I didn't get a chance to take a picture of my horses eye but here is exactly what it looks like:

What you are seeing in green right now would look white without the dye. It all started with his eye weeping and him closing it like it was sore. The vet also said that this would be caused by something as simple as getting a peice of hay in his eye and not being able to get it out.