Saturday, 9 March 2013

You CAN Teach and Old Dog New Tricks

As everybody that lives on a farm knows, cleaning stalls is part of almost everyday no matter what you do. It's a chore that although you get use to, it's definitely not something you savour. For me, cleaning stalls can be a relaxing chore where I just zone out and get it done. Throw some music on and you have an work out! Now, if anything goes wrong in this scenario mucking stalls can go from relaxing to sucking it one big second. This has been happening to me for the passed about month. We have a wheelbarrow at the farm that the wheel was flat, so naturally we got a pump. Then it wouldn't stay pumped up so now finally we have gotten a new wheel. Steve is out there working on it now. Personally I would like wheelbarrow with two wheel for balance, especially since I am the one cleaning stalls. But I have been vetoed and we will see how this goes. Anyways, earlier today I had to think of some way to get the stalls cleaned, lately I have been filling up a bucket and dragging it to the manure pile or trying to pull the wheelbarrow with a flat the snow....not fun. Today I thought if I didn't figure out a way to ease my frustration in the task, I may go insane. SO this is what I ended up doing. I have a harness for Summer that I got from this guy that does dog sledding. I have never put it to use before. Also the previous owners left the top of a wheelbarrow in the barn when they left. I drilled a screw into the front of the wheelbarrow top and put the harness on Summer and attached them by a bungee cord and some rope. I am surprised to say she got the hang of it pretty quick. I had to help her with the heavy loads because she would get frustrated and just sit down but in the end she would pull the empty wheelbarrow back by herself. Smart Dog!

On another note, the Possum returned this morning. I heard a crash during morning chores and it was him trying to get into the quail cage. My poor quail, everybody wants to eat them. Steves argument of getting his hunting license is starting to look more and more practical by the day. I will not be bringing my horses back until this is dealt with that's for sure. Here is the stand off I ended up in the middle of.

 It wasn't too happy with me trying to intervene.

Proud protector!