Saturday, 23 March 2013

What Happens When You Aren't Home

So Steve and I went to the city last night for a bit of time away from the farm and to see some friends.

I fed the pigs around 4pm, locked everything up and headed out. We've gone away for a night before and if we are home early enough in the morning none of the animals even know we left.

Welllll I guess I should have knocked on wood when I thought everything would be fine.

This morning we came home to absolute destruction. BOTH pens were open and pigs were everywhere, hay room, chicken coop, everywhere. We got everybody back into their pens but they look like they had a harder night partying then we did. The boy pigs are generally so pushy that we have had to figure out ways to get into the stall without them running you down. If you are cleaning the stall they will be pulling at your pants and tipping the wheelbarrow over multiple times. Not so much today, I literally can't even get them up and they don't even want to look at food. So although we are worried about them, we thought we would enjoy the peace and quiet. Good luck with your hangovers boys!