Sunday, 10 March 2013

Goodbye Possum

Since this Possum has been at our farm it just circles the barn waiting for somebody to leave a door open and then it's right in there! Today we found it in our recycling bin so we thought it would be the best chance we had of getting it into a container and driving it somewhere far far away. Clearly from reading the possum is not something you want to chance hanging around your barn so I hope that we took it far enough. I will say this....I don't think my fiancee is going to become an animal trapper, his input consisted of throwing the lid at me once it was in the bin and staying in the truck when I was releasing it. Maybe he's watched a few too many horror movies!

Going for a ride!

Enjoy your new home Mr.Possum!

And a little hello from the piggies, I am going to be weighing them tomorrow which is their two week mark, put in guesses on how much they will weigh! They were 1.5 and 2 lbs when they were born.