Thursday, 7 March 2013

The New 'Used' Trailer

One of our biggest inabilities is being able to move around our livestock, haul wood, pick up hay and straw etc. When it comes to hauling anything or picking up hay and straw we are usually able to use one of my parents trailers but that adds a trip to Haliburton. Now that I have my own horse and live in an area that there is a lot of trail riding my mom and I have been talking about getting a trailer. Also as you guys have seen from previous posts counting on somebody to move your livestock for you can lead to problems. We had a pig damaged while being transported here as well I was suppose to get 3 large black males and 1 female and ended up with 4 males, which I could have dealt with had I gone to pick them up at the farm.
I am luck enough to have a great riding coach that came and picked my horse up for me when I wanted to move him to her barn.
Lately with thinking about my mum coming hacking with me, taking our pigs to market, taking the sow to get bred again it has become apparent we need our own trailer. So my parents and I decided to go in on a stock trailer together. We chose this instead of a horse trailer because its so much easier to haul various other things. It has a divider so when you haul livestock you can easily separate them which is convenient as well.
It needs a paint job but pulls like a dream!