Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Travelling Trailer

I have always been around the farm and been in the truck when we were hauling livestock. Or been in the truck while heading to horse shows but today was the first day that I hauled horses on my own. It is definitely a big responsibility stepping onto the highway towing a horse behind you. At the beginning of March my parents brought my old dressage horse to Horse Haven Farms where I currently have my horse so that my little cousin Katie could have a horse to ride. Unfortunately he hasn't been able to be ridden because he isn't sound (limping), we had at first thought his feet were trimmed too short but another farrier took a look at him yesterday and that's not the case. So, my Mum and I decided to switch the horses, her little Arabian horse would come down to Horse Haven Farms and my old dressage horse would head back up to their farm to rest up and hopefully get better (but he will likely never get back into any demanding riding).
I got up, dealt with the daily chores around here and headed out to horse haven farms where I picked up my old horse and started heading to my parents place. I was contemplating tieing him up in the trailer but eventually decided to leave him so he could move around freely, which I wish I hadn't. Having them able to move around causes you to feel too much movement as you are driving and it just doesn't seem as safe. When I got to my parents my Dad and I unloaded him and we went for a quick walk with the dogs, my Dad got a new puppy (Belgian ShepherXGolden Retriever).
We loaded up my mums horse and off I went again! This time I tied him up and the ride was much smoother, I will definitely be doing this from now on. So here's hoping that everything goes smoothly with my mums horse and he can get some good training in before I get too busy at work (booooo to being back at work!).

The pack of dogs after our walk!

This is my Mums horse Sunny wondering where in the world I am taking him. Since my truck doesn't have winter tires I had to walk him down the old driveway (as well as walk Jacob up to drop him off).
This is Sunny in his new (temporary) home. Look at the pile of hair I got from grooming him!!