Thursday, 14 March 2013

Steves Workout for the Night

On the way out to the barn tonight Steve saw something running behind the barn, at just that exact moment so did Summer. Now the chase is on. She came back to us only to run off again but since we have had quite a few little critters running around lately we didn't think too much of it. We went on feeding the pigs and then headed back to the house. My method has been not to stand and call Summer when she takes off cause I feel like it just teaches her not to listen. So I went inside and Steve stayed out and called her. Just as I am finishing up the dishes Steve runs in screaming "Coyotes, Coyotes!!", And grabs his hockey stick and is off running into the night. As soon as I got out into the field after him all I could hear was the chatter of coyotes and Summer chain shaking. This may not seem too scary, but when you are in the middle of the forest screaming for your dog in the pitch black night and all you can hear is coyotes all around you, you're happy to have...a hockey stick.

Summer came back and the coyotes thought better of taking us on, all is well in the homestead!

Steve checking Summer over,

We got 4 eggs yesterday, egg production at its finest!

Also, the little piggies are now eating solid food. I'm going to take some pictures tomorrow. The black one looks like a little baby rhino.