Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Old Habits Die Hard

I'm actually not quite sure how to start this post, as it is not something I am going to be proud of posting.

I was in the grocery store last night getting the regular things, yogurt, some fruit, milk...etc.

I saw that there were ribs on sale, and honestly I didn't think anything of it. Grabbed them and went on my way. "Easy bbq dinner for tomorrow night", I thought.

It wasn't until I was laying in bed that it hit me. What the heck did I just do. I have committed to not buying store bought meat and now there is a rack of ribs in my fridge. It can be a bit comical if you think about it - ok not really.

How did I not realize what I did until I was laying in bed that night, habit? - Maybe. Ignorance - Definitely. I had just that easily fallen into the habit of being the person that just walks around the supermarket not thinking of WHERE their food comes from or HOW it is made or WHAT is in it. But just thinking of how they are going to feed their families that night.

To be honest since I have decided to make the changes in my life I do find myself judging people that are basically only consumers and don't care a bit about where there food comes from. But this last little slip of mine has shown that even when you are consciously trying to make good decisions the world around us makes it so easy to slip into bad habits. I still wish to encourage everybody to make better decisions so that there are more healthy, sustainable options available to us. If we have more options and we are standing looking at the meat section and there was a package that said sustainably farmed, free range pork maybe it would jar our thoughts enough to consider our decisions before we head to the check out line. When we buy into closing our minds and not thinking about our options it gives way to much power to these main stream companies that basically if you think about, rule the way you think about your food. And that's scary no matter what way you think about it.

Now what to do about the ribs in my fridge.