Sunday, 12 May 2013

The Return of Mumma and the new addition

Yesterday we went to go get Mumma pig from the farm where she was getting re-bred. I thought this expedition would be a piece of cake as I loaded her by myself when she went there. say it didn't go as planned is a complete understatement. It took 7 men plus me over an hour. and yea, my fabulous trailer backing up skills did come in handy. Also I think the farmers sheer determination to get Mumma pig off his farm kept us all going. At one point she tried to leap over a 5 foot fence and almost made it. She escaped about 5 times. One of the times pushig over a gate that 4 grown men were holding. Too smart for her own good - or maybe just stubborn! We also ended up picking up another girl. She is a large black and around 60 pounds and not in the greatest mental or physical shape. The game plan after we get back from picking up more straw today is setting up a lounge grabbing a book as a drink and spending a few hours in the stall with her. She's terrified of people. Here are some pictures of the farm and the pig corralling. 
This is the farmers hops field. 

You think she'd be more excited to come home! Looks like I have some relationship repair ahead of me. Also forgot to mention we got loose at our property by crawling underneath the trailer. 

This is Steve learning some old school farmer pig wrangling. Not exactly the best way to start a relationship but she was so terrified of people there was no other way to get her on the trailer.