Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Gardening Crazy!

Well I figured it was time for a long overdue gardening update. I may grow grass all day but I definitely underestimated the difficulty of gardening. Man it's hard! Not only physically but mentally too, you always have to be thinking about what's coming next and mapping things out on your mind. Sun? Shade? How far apart to plant? Watering frequency? Start indoors or seed outside? When to plant? So many questions. Right now I have tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, peppers, hot peppers, celery and strawberries growing inside. I had them outside but then there was going to be frost this week which would freeze them dead. Another thing us gardeners have to be watching out for. I started off with an area that I fenced off with electric fencing and let the pigs go at it. Since then I have made some raised beds out of old logs that the previous owners cut down and left laying around. Outside so far I planted peas (which are always to be planted early) as well as onions, lettuce and radishes a couple weeks ago. Yesterday I planted a row of carrots, beets and Brussels sprouts. As well I planted some broccoli that I started inside, which I really don't think will last but have them a shot.

Strawberries - on a side note these little guys have been growing as long as the tomatoes

Cherry tomatoes

Regular tomatoes

Peppers of all kinds.

I made all the stands out of electric fencing. Seemed to work quite well but I think I need to make a few bigger ones for the big tomatoe plants as they are starting to sag.

Here is the outside garden so far plus there is a new bed behind me when I am taking this photo. I have put black garden fabric inbetween the beds and put straw on top of it to keep the weeds down.