Sunday, 18 August 2013

Foxs vs Chickens - Learning my lesson the hard way

Well, you would think I would have learned my lesson by now. But nope.

You know, it's harder then you would think it would be. I am torn between knowing my chickens love roaming the property finding bugs and digging in the dirt and leaving them in their chicken run knowing they are safe. Toss up right?

We have been usually only letting them out when we are home as well as turning on a radio. Well today we ran out into town while they were out and bam, we get home, 6 chickens gone/dead. I saw the fox running away with one of them, found two dead and two are missing (I doubt they're just playing hide and seek).

I also definitely think there is a reason why almost the ENTIRE time any chick is killed it is a hen. Obviously the roosters can fend for themselves a lot better. In the history of owning chickens I have had 9 hens killed and one rooster (which was today and he was the little baby chick that the mumma hatched out). Has anybody else noticed this ever? Or is this just a coincidence?