Monday, 19 August 2013

Farrowing Update

I'm not sure how much longer my nerves or my sleep pattern can take this!

As I'm sure everybody knows or has figured out from the lack of baby piglet excitement, pictures or anything Mumma has still not had her babies. I guess I assumed it would be fast since last time I just walked in the barn to two baby piglets that I wasn't expecting. Although, I'm sure I wasn't searching for signs of labour like I have been this time around.

I have been watching Mumma for every sign possible, updates from last post are - I can now actually feel the piglets when I put my hands on her stomach, meaning they are much more active, as I haven't been able to feel that until yesterday. She definitely has much less energy and just today when I checked on her she was breathing a lot heavier. It is much hotter out so that could be contributing to her breathing as well but it seemed quite promising to me. You can now also get milk out of her teats which means she is going to deliver soon as well, milk = piglets! How soon is soon you ask, well - I just don't know!

Weird and maybe unrelated. She seems to be carrying her head tilted to the right for whatever reason. Possibly from laying down so much she has kinked it? Will be keeping an eye on this as well.