Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Discoveries: Ontario Pear Trees

I have been getting the privilege  of searching every nook and cranny of my property lately. Mumma pig still has NOT had her piglets but seems to decide on a new tree to crawl underneath everyday now, and obviously at a different end of the property each time. 

Who doesn't like a nice game of hide and seek after work??

Well today I found her at our most southern fence line. When I came across her she was roaming around like she was looking for something and then all of a sudden gobbled something up. I ran over to see what she had found, a pear! I look up into the canopy and see 3 huge pear trees huddled together. This jungle we live in never ceases to surprise me.

Were they planted by the previous owners? I don't know its quite a hike from the house to plant a few pear trees. Today I started looking up different varities but the lack of information available on the net seems quite slim for identification.

I'm not sure if I have mentioned before but we have 3 apple trees beside our house, rather shading my veggie garden. I have wanted to take a couple of them down, they have grown completely out of control two of them now starting to damage our barn. I have been very resistant to cutting them completely down as they are such a natural supply of food.  On my pear tree walk I also discovered 3 more beautiful apple trees along the southern fence! They are definitely a bit further then the ones beside my house but having 6 apple trees in total will at least make me feel more comfortable about severly pruning back some of them.

Having 6 apple trees and 3 pear trees will be such a great source of food for the pigs. I am trying very hard not to feed them any commercial grain and with these in tow I think my mission has just been made a lot easier. As well, the pigs just go crazy over such a bounty! Goes to show what nature can provide all on its own, without the interruption of us pesky humans!

Shake that pear tree

Pear, wine, pigs and farmer Steve

Pear Tree

A bounty of apples!

Mumma enjoy some pre-labour snacks - hopefully!!!

The new addition to our bounty!