Thursday, 20 June 2013

Escape Routes and New Chicks

My mother pointed out that I never did update about the cows, well in short - they've gone back home. It's funny, nobody ever thinks about personalities, emotions or thoughts that a cow could have and we definitely don't think of them as having a strong family connection. Well, just goes to show you again how little we know. When my parents unloaded them at their farm each of the steers ran straight for its mother, all of the other cows surrounded them and they called to each other in greeting.
While we are on the topic of underestimating our livestock. Our pigs escaped yesterday; you would think with 10 acres at their snouts they wouldn't bother but nope, onto the neighbours property they go. I guess 6 full grown pigs running up to her looking for attention gave her quite a fright. This has definitely let us know we have a loop hole somewhere in our system and some immediate fence repair is going to be need, now all we have to do is find the time to do it.
About a month ago one of my golden laced wyandottes went broody, meaning that she wanted to sit on her eggs around the clock. Instead of discouraging her from this which most people would do as they stop laying eggs if you let them become broody, I got some fertilized eggs off of a friend and put them under her. Yesterday the first one hatched! I think it's so cool letting nature take its course like this!
Broody Mumma

First chick - hopefully more soon! I put 6 eggs in.